Traditional Printing

If speed excites you, then our presses will dazzle with a max speed of 18,000 sheets per hour. Our workhorse presses and operators can make quick work of those ‘rush’ jobs! Coupled with the G7 certification, we can also hit the target colors faster – faster target colors uses less paper! …and gives you the brand control you deserve.

Oh yes, we can print on white paper. And black, and plastic, and potato-based, and rock-based, and magnetic, and on, and on. Accomplished by a lot of research and development, which has been a huge part of our Reed & Witting Philosophy, this has opened a lot of fantastic opportunities for our clients fully utilizing the materials out there. From single color invitations to multi-color, complex catalogs, we make your passion, our passion.

It’s the finishing touches that provide the “wow” factor. Perfectly printed materials with professional finishes make a great first impression. Finishing refers to all the activities that are performed on printed material after printing. Die cutting, binding, bagging, padding and all the decorative processes such as foiling, embossing or laminating – you name it.

Many projects require hand assembly for finishing. Everything from complex folding and assembly of sales kits to affixing easels – our in-house finishing department can do it all. Reed & Witting has decades of experience and can handle the most intricate hand assembly, right here under our roof.