About Us

Our Pittsburgh print shop with old-fashioned values highlighted with cutting-edge technology, employs reliable, self-motivated plant associates and customer teams. Each step of the process is met with dedication and vision from everyone. Our track record has made us leaders in the future of the commercial printing industry in Pittsburgh. With over one hundred and fifteen years of history, our experience gives us the ability to tackle the impossible. Special circumstances? We’ve got you covered.


  • Reed & Witting is constantly embracing the technologies that are newly available to us to maintain our precision craftmanship and keep projects moving quickly for you.
  • Our passion for our customers doesn’t end with a specific printed deliverable. It manifests in relationships. Most of our clients have relied on us for many years, some as long as 25 years!
  • Your account team will communicate. Your account team will follow. Communication internally is as important as communication directly with you, our valued customers. We would be honored to be entrusted with your projects.


Being environmentally responsible with your printing is expected at Reed & Witting. As a company, we’ve fully embraced the mindset of doing our part to use Earth-friendly materials as well as Earth-friendly recycling practices.
  • Utilizing water soluble agents
  • We only source paper from certified, sustainable suppliers
  • Our modern equipment is designed and optimized for efficiency.
  • Last year we recycled over 240 tons of scrap material.
  • Offering Leed-Certified Solutions too!

G7 Certified

G7 is an internationally recognized methodology for calibrating printing presses and proofing systems.

This allows printers to ensure that your jobs proof and print with an extreme degree of consistency and predictability.

G7 also allows printers to be calibrated together too, within the tolerance of the calibration. So if you print in California, with a G7 Certified printer, and also print with Reed & Witting, the finished pieces would be within the tolerance of the G7 Calibration!